Friday, October 7, 2016


America is running downhill screaming, hands to its face, out of its mind with horror. The Thing That Cannot Be Mentioned has been seen, the Horror That Has No Equal has reared its head, The violin strings are being played by a hacksaw, the kettle drums are pounding. The horror has been unleashed.

Donald Trump talked about groping women.

Worse, he talked about wanting to have sex with married women and preying on them, even to the point of taking them out and shopping for furniture. How far will the monster go?

The man has talked about using nuclear weapons in Europe, people.

The man has insulted entire races of people, bragged about his intentions to use the power of the federal government to exact revenge on his rivals, induced foreign governments to spy on his political opposition, and suggested the murder -- murder, folks -- of the Democratic nominee.

Sex is gonna do it for us?

Are we really that simple minded?

This man was wholly unfit to hold political office the day he rode the escalator down into all of our nightmares; Trump the business fraud with his faux Christian faith and his concern for hard-working blue-collar Americans, when in fact everything he "built" he got from his father;

Trump with his cheap Charles Atlas toughness espousing law and order when there's a trail of lawsuits against him and his business practises as long as the Atlantic City boardwalk -- including stiffing the actual hard-working blue collar Americans who hammered his hotels together and grouted the bathrooms;

Trump the business genius who fronted the bogus Trump University, which was, simply, out and out fraud.

How about the Trump modeling agency? Did anyone have any illusions what that was for?

Trump engaging in his gross and seamy "locker room talk" is the least of his sins; deciding he was going to strike any pose, put on any mask, lie and cheat in any way necessary in order to see if he could get as far as the presidency is the real sin.

Where shame enters the story is that so many of us have bought this snake-oil salesman's act.

This is what the Republican party has given us. This is what they're willing to endorse and stand behind in order to get the White House. God knows why, because if Trump actually won the thing, they'd have an uncontrollable maniac on their hands.

Shame on everyone supporting The Beast from the Escalator, and shame on those who continue to push flak for him. Almost every one of them knows better, but the hunger for their own advancement is clearly greater than the best interests of their country.

But shame on all of us if we make his sleazy talk of grabbing women by their private parts the thing that finally causes us to finally kick this creep out the door.

We have far better reasons to do that.

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